Coming from Tuam, Co Galway to our National School

Castlehackett National School is approximately 11.5KM from Tuam. You can come from Tuam to Castlehackett via Belclare which is definitely the scenic route or you can travel via the “old N17” which is now the N83 to get from Tuam.

Travelling via Belclare is the fastest journey and we have some teachers and staff that travel from Tuam each day.

You can also come from Tuam via the N83 Route which is a little bit longer , but a little bit more straight forward .. . This route is approx 15.5KM and will bring you in via Cummer and Biggera.


According to the “Tuam Guides” website , “The name TUAM comes from the latin term “Tumulus” which means burial mound.” Tuam is famous for its Cathedral , its Secondary Schools , but most importantly – “The Saw Doctors” who hail from Tuam and who made the location famous by the brilliant “N17” song.

Tuam is also home to “St Jarlaths Stadium” , better known as Tuam Stadium !