Castlehackett School Parent Association (CHSPA)

Mission Statement

The CHSPA shall promote the interests of the students in co-operation with the Board of Management, Principal, Teachers and students in line with the current Mission statement of the school.


Parents cannot raise children in isolation and no school should be asked nor should it take on the role of life formation on its own. It is a complex role involving personality, attitudes, ability, luck, parents, families, neighbours, teachers, peers all within the parameters of the local communities served by Castlehackett School. The CHSPA intends to provide a bridge between the school and the home.

What does the Association do?

  • Liaises with the Principal and the Board of Management on matters relating to the school
  • Facilitates communications between Parents and the School
  • In consultation with the Principal it adopts a program of activities which will promote the involvement of Parents in the operation of the school
  • It takes responsibility for fund raising initiatives for the school
  • It fosters school and community spirit

The association includes the following parents:

  • Chairperson: Martina Griffin
  • Secretary: Kristina Fahy
  • Treasurer: James Qualter
  • Vice Treasurer:Geraldine Nolan