We have been lucky enough to be selected as part of this competition sponsored by Dulux. Please click here to vote: http://letscolour.ie/nominate-a-project/

The top prize is for €5000 worth of paint for the winner. We have big plans for this €5000 – we just need your help to win it!!!

So please please please click on the link above, find Castlehackett National School and vote for us. And while you’re at it, you can enjoy a fine (Oscar worthy) dramatic performance from some of our very own!!! Don’t worry, you can still watch the video by clicking the above link even if you don’t have a Facebook account.

While our school is small in numbers, we have proved that anything is possible. So we need you to share this with your friends and get them to share it with their friends – we need lots of votes if we are to compete with larger schools and organisations also in the running for this prize. We can do this – get voting and get sharing!!!

Each person is allowed one vote per day – so set a reminder to do this every day!

Huge thanks in advance.

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