Green School Progress

Recently in the Green Flag Committee we took part in a cycle safety course. Ellie and Seán from R.S.A. gave us some cycle safety tips, and we also did drills to improve our indicating and steering. Then we took our new found skills to the test when we cycled in single file toward the cross roads.
The Green Flag Committee are working hard to stop Global Warming. Caitríona Cunningham comes to the school to educate us about Global Warming and the effects.

Every month we have Green Flag meetings. In these meetings we discuss things we need to improve on. Our country is under threat to severe climate change. We need to prevent this by: not burning so much fossil fuels, to cycle to school instead of drive, use renewable energy.

Greenhouse effect happens when too much Co2 is released into the atmosphere causing a greenhouse effect to dawn on the earth creating a blanket of Co2 creating climate change. This is particularly bad for polar bears because they are losing their natural habitat, as the ice is melting. Polar bears don’t like the water as much as other bears. We need to act fast so our planet as we know it will cease to exist in 30 years. Act fast before it’s too late and SAVE THE POLAR BEARS!!!

By: Molly and Conor



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