Primary Stream

Our junior & senior infants and first class are taught by our Deputy Principal, Ms Noelle Gannon.  Second and Third classes are taught by Ms Kelly and our senior classes are taught by our Principal, Mr Fergal Naughton.  We have a learning support teacher, Ms Therese Burke, who works with some of the children in a small group setting out of the classroom in the learning support room.  Our resource teachers, Ms Elizabeth Keady & Mrs Mary Rooney work closely with the students to broaden the knowledge and understanding of the pupils in his care.  We also have a full time Special Needs Assistant, Mrs Breda McHugh.

The subjects taught here include:

  • English
  • Irish
  • Maths
  • Visual Arts
  • Physical Education ( PE )
  • Religion & spiritual education
  •  Social, Environmental & Scientific Education (SESE)
  • Social, Personal & Health Education (SPHE)

Each classroom is equipped with visualisers and electronic smart boards.  The school is very proud to have such cutting edge technology so readily available to its pupils.

Junior/Senior Infant Facilities & Programmes

  • Book rental scheme
  • Giant size books for shared reading
  • Child-friendly library & supplementary reading scheme
  • Integrated toilet in each classroom
  • Dedicated infant PE equipment
  • Educational toys, jigsaws, sandbox and various construction materials
  • Reading Buddies programme
  • Afterschool care available from 1:30 – 2:30pm

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